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Be aware of all the changes in your professional field, and not only those that have taken place, butand planned, regular newsletters, a professional newspaper will help you http://dianex.co.uk/our_services
The ability to attend the most important events without leaving your workplace
To maintain the unity of terminology in all client documents, our translators use term bases that we have accumulated over many years https://dianex.co.uk/about
We also widely use terminological dictionaries (glossaries) and electronic versions of industry dictionaries https://dianex.co.uk/about
Terminological dictionaries are compiled jointly by the customer and the translator, approved and used in the translationode to all further texts http://dianex.co.uk/our_services

The system includes more than 200,000 regulatory, regulatory and technical documents, programs for conducting fire safety briefings, instructions on fire safety measures, tests with answers to test knowledge and reference materials https://dianex.co.uk/about

Directions of my work: industry-specific (i https://dianex.co.uk/
e http://dianex.co.uk/our_services
with specialization in certain subject areas) technical translation from English (including the service of compiling terminological reference books, glossaries) software localization (Russification of interfaces, resources and documentation) http://dianex.co.uk/our_services

• —tracking changes in requirements for products, processes, technologies https://dianex.co.uk/
You get a ready-made convenient scheme for changing a regulatory document; the service includes certificates of standards changed, canceled and adopted within a month, which saves you time searching for the necessary information https://dianex.co.uk/about
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