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01EcologyA unique professional reference system for environmentalists https://dianex.co.uk/about
The system contains up-to-date regulatory and reference information, instructions for interaction with government agencies, and provides expert support http://dianex.co.uk/our_services

01Labor protectionReference system on the organization of labor protection and preparation of basic documentation on labor protection, issues of interaction with supervisory and control authorities, investigation and recording of accidents at work and occupational diseases, conducting a special assessment of working conditions http://dianex.co.uk/our_services

Every day, our specialists monitor all changes in documents and the appearance of new ones, so that you always workwith up-to-date information https://dianex.co.uk/about
And to be aware of all the changes in the field of your profession, not only those that have taken place, but also those that are planned, a newsletter, a professional newspaper, up-to-date information in the product and service will help you! Save time and nerves
Additional services – Translation of video and audio materials – editing, proofreading – layout of documents – translation of personal documents – scanning and translation into electronic form – typing in a foreign or Russian language